Friday, March 16, 2007

The Day After

I sit here at my computer way too early in the morning but can't sleep any longer. I went to Starbucks for a Venti coffee. Sipping the hot nectar it's time to discuss the Scissor Sisters. I guess there's only one word to describe last night's concert: WOW!!!!! The Scissor Sisters were awesome!! I can't think of another word that would describe their performance. From the moment they came out, the energy in the room was amazing and unlike some performers, they sounded like they did on their CDs. I wish I brought my camera! Paddy Boom came out and talked with some people waiting in the line. Why do I have to follow directions sometimes?

My feet hurt by the end of the night. Standing in heels for 6 hours will do that to your feet. I could barely walk and was very glad when we got back to Rose's car and I could take off my sandals and put on my flip flops! Was it worth the pain? Hell yeah! Would I go and see them again? Hell yeah! I am in love with the Scissor Sisters. Do I still feel like dancin'? I even need to answer that one? YES!!!!!

Knitting update: After much consideration, I began adding some hearts to the baby blanket. It keeps my interest and hopefully will look good.

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