Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yarn, yarn everywhere and nothing to knit!

Everywhere I look in my small apartment I see yarn. But somehow, I feel uninspired to create anything. So, what do I do? I buy more yarn. WHY???? I know it's wrong. I don't see how buying more yarn is going to help the lack of inspiration I feel for creating anything. All it seems to do is make my husband irritated and us broke! I've replaced my need for shopping for clothes with a desire to shop for yarn. It's a pretty sick habit I've developed. Now, I'm not content with just any yarn. I've stepped it up to the expensive stuff. Cashmere, silk, blends of that, baby alpaca...I need to stop!! I do limit myself to once a month for that though. I was telling someone the other day that when I go into a yarn store and see something I like I feel like if I don't buy it immediately it won't be there when I come back in the right amount and colors. With so many yarn stores online I don't know why I need to feel this way but I do. Is there a Yarn Anonymous or Knitters Anonymous? If so, I think I need to go to some meetings.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Day!

It doesn't snow in Texas very often. When it does you can guarantee everyone freaks out because of the road conditions. This is nice for me since I'm a teacher. I can stay home. No school!!!!!

So, what will I be doing today on my snow day?

Playing in the powder? No...
Making snow angels? No...
Making a snow man? No...
I will be knitting.

I know. The last entry was my frustration with knitting patterns and yada yada yada. But I decided to work on the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller. I'm not using the recommended yarn (Noro- although I do have some) and have decided to use the Tahki New Tweed that I bought for $2.50 instead. They seem to be coming along nicely (although so did my last hat project) and will probably be very fitted.

I also wanted to post a picture of the shawl I made for my mom for Christmas. Who cares if it is mid January. I really wanted to keep it for myself. I used Wool-ease in an oatmeal color. The pattern comes from Knitting to Go by Chris Percival. If you don't have this box of knitting patterns you should because they are wonderful! And yes, the patterns are well written!! Hooray!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007



This is how I currently feel about knitting patterns!! Why are they all written so differently?? Sometimes there are mistakes and things missing, etc. The fair isle hat I was working on is once again shelved. Now I've made the hat too big. If it were stretchy enough I could probably make it into a mini skirt.

I am too frustrated to even put all my thoughts into words right now. GRRRRRR

Saturday, January 13, 2007

What a Week!

This has been the first week back to work since December 22. I think it was the longest week ever! I'm glad to be back but until today I haven't really done much knitting. That part I miss. I haven't even been on the Internet (except at work) since Sunday.

Current Project

Today I decided I would give the Center Square hat from another try. The first time I attempted this was two days before Christmas. I had thought I would be able to whip something up really quick for my brother for Christmas. I changed too many things from the pattern and then didn't follow through with all the changes to various measurements (I've never really enjoyed math much). The hat when finished on the morning of Christmas Eve was too tight and short for my head. It might have fit a child's head. I was upset by this and haven't looked at the pattern again. I stuffed it, sewed it, and turned it into a large cat toy.

Well, today I decided to try my hand at it again. This time, I took my time and actually did a gauge swatch (wow!) and did the math calculations (wow!). I'm not finished with it but I have more confidence in this than the last one. Hopefully, this hat will fit. I finished a different hat for my brother anyway. This one's for me!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Quick Update

Today I finished the arm warmers! YESSSSS!!!!! Here they are in their purple magnificence.

The original pattern I followed called for a purl, knit, purl edging but I thought a ribbing would be more comfortable and stretchy. So, I did a 2x2 ribbing for 3 inches and then followed the rest of the pattern as it was written. It seemed to go very quickly.

I don't remember where I got the original pattern for the arm warmers. However, this is a great link for a ton of different patterns for arm warmers, mittens, and gloves. Enjoy!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Starbucks, Sushi, Half-Price, and Knitting! What a great combo


Since today is Friday, my friend Rose and I did our typical Friday knitting at Starbucks. Where we met some interesting people. It seems as though when we knit, we always meet interesting people. For instance, the time at Starbucks when we were asked to be part of the cult Mary Kay (sorry if I offend anyone)and to try their wonderful skin lotion-even though I told her a few times (at least 5) that I was allergic and that it makes me break out. Anyway, I digress!

Rose showed me her knitted hat that she had completed. Pretty neat pattern since I don't create patterns I only follow other people's patterns. I'm too concerned about making mistakes and having to begin again. I guess Rose doesn't think that way and seems much more free with her knitting. I like that. Here's a couple of pics of her with her knitted hat.

I continued my arm warmers. I think I could have had them finished at Starbucks had we stayed a bit longer. But, we didn't so I don't have them finished. What I really like about KIP is how people get so excited about looking at your work and they talk about knitting. It's such a social thing. I love it.

We next went to have sushi for dinner at the wonderful Sushi Loco which was having Happy Hour! WooHoo!!! This means 1/2 price sushi! Some more pics of happy hour.

After Dinner Entertainment
On to Half-Price books!
Yes, at Half-Price where we played some more in the aisle with the craft books. I was disappointed to see their selection of knitting books. Most of the books had patterns in them that I wasn't interested in. Don't didn't miss out. Once again, there are pictures of the action at the bookstore.

Good times.

Before we went to Starbucks, we had to visit the LYS. I bought 6 skeins of Tahki Yarns New Tweed for $2.50 a skein!!!!!! I may go back tomorrow and buy the rest of them...

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Steelers Hat-DONE! Other projects too

Steelers Hat

I finished the Steelers hat last night. Although the pattern was simple enough, the directions I didn't care for. Common sense would have told me, "Do what you know when moving stitches to DPNs." Instead, I chose to follow the directions.

That said, I had more dropped stitches than I have ever had in one project. I am usually very careful when I'm knitting not to drop stitches. In fact, I can name the times on one hand when I have dropped stitches.

This pattern told me to switch to DPNs and move all 100 stitches to 3 DPNs. They were packed! I should have continued the decreases on my circular needle and then moved them. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Here is the finished hat minus Socks. Here is the link to the hat in case you want to have the adventure I had last night!

Current project started last night: Curl Up & Read Throw from Knitting to Go
Also started Easy Mary-Jane Slippers. We'll see how easy they are.

Half finished Arm Warmer

Tonight I just finished this arm warmer. My hands get cold when I'm on the computer. I'm too cheap to go turn the heat on. This solves the problem. Keeps my arm nice and toasty. I will get the pic posted of both when I have finished. Until then you will have to make do with the one handed shot. I knit these with Patons wool (LOVE).

I'm also including some WIP shots.

After some ribbing.

Ribbing complete-on with the hand and thumb increases.

Finished! Pictured with Sassy

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Blogless- no more!

One more week left before I have to start back to work. I'm trying to get as much knitting as possible finished this week. I know that when I start back to work I won't have the time that I do now (teaching and all). This is also my first blog. WOW! I feel like I've just joined some new cult.

Currently, I'm working on a hat for a friend of my husband's. He is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan and wanted a black and gold hat. The hat I'm knitting is looking like a bumble bee. Oh well! I won't be wearing it!
Could Socks look any happier?