Thursday, January 4, 2007

Steelers Hat-DONE! Other projects too

Steelers Hat

I finished the Steelers hat last night. Although the pattern was simple enough, the directions I didn't care for. Common sense would have told me, "Do what you know when moving stitches to DPNs." Instead, I chose to follow the directions.

That said, I had more dropped stitches than I have ever had in one project. I am usually very careful when I'm knitting not to drop stitches. In fact, I can name the times on one hand when I have dropped stitches.

This pattern told me to switch to DPNs and move all 100 stitches to 3 DPNs. They were packed! I should have continued the decreases on my circular needle and then moved them. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Here is the finished hat minus Socks. Here is the link to the hat in case you want to have the adventure I had last night!

Current project started last night: Curl Up & Read Throw from Knitting to Go
Also started Easy Mary-Jane Slippers. We'll see how easy they are.

Half finished Arm Warmer

Tonight I just finished this arm warmer. My hands get cold when I'm on the computer. I'm too cheap to go turn the heat on. This solves the problem. Keeps my arm nice and toasty. I will get the pic posted of both when I have finished. Until then you will have to make do with the one handed shot. I knit these with Patons wool (LOVE).

I'm also including some WIP shots.

After some ribbing.

Ribbing complete-on with the hand and thumb increases.

Finished! Pictured with Sassy

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