Saturday, January 19, 2013


After having this little bundle of joy I've developed an obsession with all knitting for babies. The main obsession I've developed is for baby footwear. No surprise since I'm a shoe lover myself.

We all know and love the Saartje's Bootees pattern. They're easy, quick, and so darn cute! I've made a couple of pairs myself and think they're great to start with. After having a baby I know how hard it is to keep shoes on but you still want to keep their little toes warm.

I recently came across Baby Cowgirl Booties on Pinterest. After checking out these booties I read further down the page that there's a pattern. What?! I can knit these! I'm not necessarily a country fan but I can certainly see the need for Miss Avery to have a pair of these. Although the sizing is for newborns I can easily adapt it to make them bigger. Everyone needs a pair of cowboy boots- even a baby!

Thanks to Etsy I found a couple more patterns for baby booties. The Apple Baby Booties which have a sweet design on the tops of them and the Stylish Baby Boots which I can see good for staying on those tricky little baby feet since they have the high cuff.

I know Avery is too young to appreciate this or care but I'm going to start her early on appreciating good footwear. 

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