Monday, June 13, 2011

Embroidery Too?!?!

I just couldn't stand it anymore! I had to try something new. A very long time ago my aunt taught me to cross stitch. I loved doing cross stitch. I loved the floss and (at the time) it was only $.25 made me very happy! I loved being able to create something. I've always had that need to be creative and do something. As I got older the thing I didn't like about cross stitch were the designs and the feeling of being restricted to just what I could find. I hated that the designs seemed so old fashioned. There didn't seem to be anything out there for younger people. I quit cross stitching some time in my late teens.

I started researching embroidery. Okay it's kind of (not really) like cross stitch. I get to use the floss which I like. The designs and patterns can be anything I want them to be. Freedom! What I can embroider on can be anything. Freedom! Basically, only my imagination is the limit here. Hello embroidery my new craft for the summer when my knitting is on hiatus due to the extreme temps.

This morning I could hardly contain myself as I got dressed and decided to go to Joann Fabrics. I kind of had an idea of what I was looking for after researching and stumbling upon Sublime Stitching. Oh my goodness! I ordered but I couldn't wait until it came in.

My stash of goodies from Joann Fabrics

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Camelot and Game of Thrones and embroidering a placemat. I did it all in backstitch and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I only have 5 more to do!
Socks helping out


Jen Sebring said...

Ummm, I LOVE your blog look!!!! I am going to maybe take some ideas... And, you're a total nerd and I love it!

PS Do you make little baby hats? I've been wanting some really soft, amazing hats for newborns to wear when I take pictures. Let me know what you can do and we'll work out a deal. :) haha

Teaching Diva said...

Of course I can do baby hats! I'll put some patterns on dropbox for you to look at.