Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grrr!! (That's supposed to reference this is about the dogs)

So I've been noticing that Mr. Collin (the pug) has had a red back end and has been scratching as of late. Yesterday, I noticed a cut on his forehead. Now Collin already has it a little rough since he has some major dry eye issues. He takes two different medications twice a day for them. He's also 6 years old and the poor  thing used to be a stray. But  to add to all this the itchy skin is just sad.

Next week I leave for Paris and since the hubs is out of town I have to board Roxy and Collin for two days. The place I wanted to board them called today to tell me that the vet has no record of Roxy's vaccinations. What?!?! So since Collin has itchy skin, needs new meds, and Roxy apparently needs vaccinations we all packed up into the car and spent a wonderful hour at the vet.
During that hour Roxy was vaccinated (no problem there) and Collin was examined to confirm my suspicions of itchy allergy skin and have his anal glands expressed. Oh. My. Goodness! The poor baby cried and Roxy whined in sympathy. He got his shot of cortisone and I walked out with a bill of over $300! But with that money Collin got shampoo, spray (for his itchy spots), antibiotics (because the dear boy also has a gum infection), and new meds for his dry eyes. Yes people it's been a good day. I'm $300 short, my husband is down $500 in Las Vegas (boys trip) and all this equates to less money to spend in Paris. *sigh* I love my pups and wouldn't trade them for the world!

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