Friday, January 5, 2007

Starbucks, Sushi, Half-Price, and Knitting! What a great combo


Since today is Friday, my friend Rose and I did our typical Friday knitting at Starbucks. Where we met some interesting people. It seems as though when we knit, we always meet interesting people. For instance, the time at Starbucks when we were asked to be part of the cult Mary Kay (sorry if I offend anyone)and to try their wonderful skin lotion-even though I told her a few times (at least 5) that I was allergic and that it makes me break out. Anyway, I digress!

Rose showed me her knitted hat that she had completed. Pretty neat pattern since I don't create patterns I only follow other people's patterns. I'm too concerned about making mistakes and having to begin again. I guess Rose doesn't think that way and seems much more free with her knitting. I like that. Here's a couple of pics of her with her knitted hat.

I continued my arm warmers. I think I could have had them finished at Starbucks had we stayed a bit longer. But, we didn't so I don't have them finished. What I really like about KIP is how people get so excited about looking at your work and they talk about knitting. It's such a social thing. I love it.

We next went to have sushi for dinner at the wonderful Sushi Loco which was having Happy Hour! WooHoo!!! This means 1/2 price sushi! Some more pics of happy hour.

After Dinner Entertainment
On to Half-Price books!
Yes, at Half-Price where we played some more in the aisle with the craft books. I was disappointed to see their selection of knitting books. Most of the books had patterns in them that I wasn't interested in. Don't didn't miss out. Once again, there are pictures of the action at the bookstore.

Good times.

Before we went to Starbucks, we had to visit the LYS. I bought 6 skeins of Tahki Yarns New Tweed for $2.50 a skein!!!!!! I may go back tomorrow and buy the rest of them...

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