Friday, February 2, 2007

Socks-No, not the cat

Last weekend I decided to take on knitting socks for real. My first pair of socks were tube socks. I knitted those last year. I took it as my opportunity to knit on double pointed needles for the first time and make something besides a scarf or a square.
I was extremely proud of my tube socks until I found out that socks are little more complicated than knitting a tube. I put off knitting socks for a year. The heel part scared me. Turning and picking up stitches were things that I wasn't too comfortable doing.

Throughout last year I tried some new techniques (new to me) and knitted a ton. Speed up to last weekend...The bag of sock yarn I ordered from came in and I was desperate to knit with it. I knew another pair of tube socks wouldn't do. I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up Cat Bordhi's Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. I enjoyed a beverage at the Starbucks. I paid 10% more than I would have if I went to a regular Starbucks since I don't have a membership card at B&N. I began reading my book and found I would have to go to the LYS to purchase two new pairs of Addis (darn!) I went to my LYS (where everyone was eating lunch and grumpy-but that's for another post!) and walked out confident that with my purchase I would only be hours away from knitting my first pair of real socks.

When I arrived home, I tore open the yarn, the Addis, and settled into the couch to begin knitting. It was a little hard to understand what exactly to do. I wish the book had a few more pictures. I'm a very visual person. I figured it out. Here are a couple of pics of my socks I have been knitting. I'm very proud. I don't think I'll ever use double pointed needles again!

I finished one of the socks finally. I must cast on immediately if I have any chance of finishing the second one. Here it is...


Shelley said...

Awesome job on the sock! Pretty soon you'll be sock knitting addict!

DancingFish said...

Congrats on the sock! That yarn looks very similar to what I've used for my first sock (but it took me over a year to work up to doing one). I just discovered the 2 circ technique too- but for armwarmers. I can't wait to try it on socks.