Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to School Exhaustion

Week 1 and Day 2 of Back to School Staff Development.  I had no idea just how early 5:30 comes.  It's not like I went to sleep at midnight.  I fell asleep probably around 10.  That should be plenty of sleep.  However, my body apparently doesn't agree.  I've been so worked up lately with starting this new job that I haven't even been able to focus on the scarf that I'm knitting.  A part of me wants to take it with me to Staff Development and sit there and knit.  If I do then I know that I'll miss out on things I actually need to be learning about this school district.  Yesterday I almost had a panic attack when I went home thinking about everything that I need to do.  If I make it to August 24 without anything mental happening then I'm going to be one happy camper.  I do see wine in my future and it's a good thing that the neighborhood we moved into has a wine store on the corner next to the gas station.  Maybe tonight I'll stop, get a bottle, get out the scarf and do some work to chill out.

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